2018-2019 New Arsenal High-Quality Away Football Kit

Arsenal have announced the release of their 2018/19 away kit ahead of the new season, featuring a return of the much loved peacoat navy, with the classic WM graphic printed on the front. The shade has been a typical part as a tradition in the club culture as well as its appearance at the present crest. The combination of the W and M construct the pattern paying homage to the formation introduced back in the 1930’s by legendary Herbert Chapman.

Herbert Chapman was an English association football player and manager. Regardless of his normal football playing career, he did prominently as a manager and become one of the most influential and successful managers in early 20th century English football.Chapman arrives at the club coincided with a change in the laws of the game in June 1925, that modified the offside law. The change had reduced the number of opposition players that an attacker needed between himself and the goal-line from three to two. This change inspires Chapman to change the usual formation from 2-3-5 to 3-4-3, which looks like WM from top view. At that time, Arsenal is not the only club to adopt this transformation but Chapman has his own wisdom to refine and improve the tactic better than his rivalries. His work at Arsenal resulted in them becoming the dominant team of the 1930s which had won five League titles in the decade.

The letters of W and M are reshaped like a wave to indicate the design idea of “City Pulse”. It can be elucidated with the intimate connection between the club and the city. Fans of the club have motivated the team with their intense desire to victory, cheering the players and the ebullience to the Arsenal, all of which are the pulse of the city of London, echoing in the Emirates Stadium and beating in the player’s mind. These impulse the footballer and encourage them to advance and mount the challenge of the new season.

The shirt is predominantly peacoat navy. Many colors showed up as away color in Arsenal history. At the beginning years, Arsenal’s away color used to be white shirts and either black or white shorts. Yellow shirt and blue shorts were introduced in 1969-70 season, which is regard as a luck to bring the team the double for the first time in their history in 1971 and three consecutive FA cup finals from1978 to 1980. Blue dominated the away shirt when Nike took over from Adidas as provider of Arsenal’s kit with few absence since 1994.

Puma’s new technology of evoKnit thermoregulation is equipped on both shirt and shorts to adjust temperature. This cooling system will manage moisture efficiently and help to create a optimal condition for any player on the pitch.

To meet a perfect mobility and flexibility whilst in the shirt, the top is made with seamless construction, allowing for ultimate movement and optimum performance, feeling like a second skin.

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